The work goes on, of course (trying Love Bugs and pilling Rey)

Covid or no Covid, nothing changes as far as cat management is concerned.

I tried giving Adored Beast’s Love Bugs to the Monsters today and hmm….I think it performed better than Fera Organic’s probiotics in the department of staging a hunger strike and protest.

Everyone ate their laced food. Well, with a little less fervour.

Smurfy walked away after awhile, but that isn’t unexpected. Smurfy and Minnie are the most difficult to fool.

But he went into the big cage and he ate from there. Yay!

Next was the heavy-duty task of feeding that one capsule of Metrogyl and Prednisolone to Rey.

This has proved to be a really difficult task because he isn’t used to being pilled and definitely does not like it. AND, he is super, super, super strong!

I also cannot ask husband to help (we tried once and it was a disaster) because the Monsters are all terrified of him. With him around, Rey is even more defensive.

I have to feed Rey his medicines twice a day. Metrogyl twice a day and Prednisolone once a day.

It is very challenging!