A quick poop check on Indra

At 8.45pm I saw Indra eating up the remaining few pellets of kibble left by Cow Mau.

Poor thing, she must be hungry again.

We have to know that normally Indra eats a huge meal twice a day. By huge, I mean really huge, as in 4-5 helpings. She has very good appetite. She is, after all, still growing.

She polished off the remaining few pellets, and so I relented and offered just a little bit of cut up raw chicken. It’s sad if any child has to go to bed hungry, right?

She didn’t want any. I relented further and offered a tiny bit of kibble. No, she didn’t want any too.

Okay, good girl. You really have to give your stomach a rest, Indra. Otherwise, it has no time to heal.

10pm – a quick poop check. No poop. All is well.

So today, there was just two bowel movements. Both times, soft followed by a formed tail-end. Not too bad.

I got to sleep early to get enough rest for tomorrow. Goodnight, folks.

P.S. It’s a blessing in disguise that Indra is pooping along the wall in the room so that I know for sure it’s hers. Sure beats me scouring the entire garden looking for her poop and not being sure if it’s hers. Six cats live here now – Cow Mau, Indy, Samantha, Kai, Akira and Indra. I know Indy’s spot in the sandpit. Cow Mau moves his spot. On her non-sick days, Indra uses the furthest right end of the sandpit. I haven’t figured out who uses the litter-boxes but they are usually used for urination. However, I found really nicely-formed faeces in one of the litter-boxes just now. Cannot be Indra’s. Too nicely-formed and too big in diameter.

I think it general, everyone uses the sandpit for defecation and the girls use the litter-boxes for urination. Indy and Cow urinate in the drain holes in the grass. Smart boys.






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