Awww….a Cleo bag from Honu Paws!!!

I was so, so pleasantly surprised and immensely touched today when this arrived by courier!!

It is a Cleo tote bag!!

I love it so much, and the sweet and kindest thought that came with it!

When Alda, the founder of Honu Paws (a new friend) asked me for Cleo’s photo a day after she passed on peacefully, I didn’t know what it was for. But I sent it, thinking perhaps she wanted to send good vibrations to Cleo.

Then this arrived by courier today!!!!

I only got acquainted with Alda recently when a mutual friend introduced us as I was looking for holistic kidney supplements and probiotics for my cats. It’s barely a month of acquaintance, actually.

But as you know, friends come into our lives, sometimes for a reason, some for a season and very few for a lifetime. But to me, it doesn’t matter which type of a friend or duration of friendship it is, as long as they have a kind heart while they are a part of my life, I’m very thankful for that.

And I’m very thankful for you, Alda!

P.S. The bag is made by






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