Checking in on Indra (no poop and she eats…a bit!)

Dateline: 1.10am, 9th Nov 2023

I woke up to check on Indra.

Found her awake and grooming herself here, near Samantha. We recently brought this bench in here from the porch and the cats are loving it. Gerald used to use it a lot last time and nowadays, he either goes elsewhere (maybe another home?) or he just sleeps on our shoe bench.

Well, Indra looks “okay” and I quickly used the torchlight to do a quick but thorough poop check.

Hmm….no, I did NOT find any poop. Yay! I checked again….yes, I did not see any poop. No bloody-jelly, no greenish poop (like last evening’s).

Hooray….for now.

Everyone thought they would get a treat. By “everyone”, I mean the Blondies and Samantha. Indy was fast asleep and Cow Mau was “just looking on”.

So ok, I had planned to offer some food to Indra too, just to check her response. After she only ate very little in the whole of yesterday and I hope to give her small meals to ease her digestive system back into processing food.

But I cannot just offer food to Indra alone, right?

When I brought food out, Indra straight away went to her eating spot. Now, that’s a good sign.

And she ate!! All in, also about a minute of eating but look at how fast and voraciously she is eating? Now that’s a good sign!

Baby steps…

Small meals is the way to go!

Luckily this whole episode did not catch Gerald’s attention, otherwise, I would have had to feed him in the porch too. Gerald leaves somewhere else nowadays and only return for food. It’s Misty who stays in our porch.

Luckily it did not stimulate the Monsters to ask for food too!

Cow Mau, did, however, eat with the Blondies and Samantha (by the way, Akira did not eat. Sniffed and walked off. Biasalah.)

Dateline: 2am check.

There’s no poop after that small meal just now. Another good sign!

I’ve already started a folder named Indra’s poop to monitor her poop. With photos I can compare and see if there is improvement. Also, an excel file documenting everything (date, time, poop, eating, etc.). A senior vet taught me to do this last time as it’s the only way to monitor progress of any illness.

Let’s hope these small progresses continue!

Thank you very much for rooting for Indra.

On another note, my battle with Covid-19 is continuing, but I think I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel now. I went to see a doctor yesterday, got some meds which really worked! This is a young doctor who just opened his own 360 24/7 clinic in USJ Taipan. He is GOOD. And the charges are very, very reasonable. His meds are good too. After taking them, I noticed improvement in less than a day. I still get the chills but they are shorter in duration now. The unbearable sorethroat is improving too.

This is one instance where my own self-medications (with the advice of pharmacists) did not work. My symptoms were just worsening or perhaps I simply had to ride out the storm. But I wasn’t going to wait it out….not with that horribly painful throat!

When I went to see this doctor yesterday, I was having tightness in the chest and heaving to breathe. Luckily everything was clear and it was probably the congestion in my nostrils that caused that seeming “difficulty” in breathing. But the doctor said if I had chest pains, I am to see him again, he will do an ECG and advise if I had to go to the hospital.

Covid-19, don’t ever take it lightly. People are still dying from it.

But thank you, everyone, for wishing me well. It means the world to me!







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