Hungry Indra eats….kibble??!!

Yes, she must be REALLY hungry!!

I was doing some work in the garden when I suddenly caught a glimpse of Indra walking towards a bowl of remaining kibble.

Then she started eating it!


Indra has never touched kibble before!

She must be really, really hungry now. I was at odds wondering if I should rush inside to get her raw food or just let her eat and keep adding more kibble before she loses the momentum.

I decided the latter. Just keep adding and see how much she can eat. Also, she might need a total change of food to get rid of the nausea. Normally, with tummy upset, the smell of the old food that the cat had been eating when she got the tummyache can cause nausea.

Well, kibble isn’t exactly the best food for her at this moment because for loose stools/diarrhoea, she should be on the plainest foods, ie. steamed or boiled chicken. But she doesn’t want that and she doesn’t want ID either. Kibble is complicated food, far from being plain.

But if it’s what she wants, let’s see how it goes for her. I just hope that it won’t bring back the loose stools.

Akira as usual, tried to steal some but decided to let her younger sister eat in peace instead.

Look at that appetite! It even attracted Uncle Indy!

So I just kept adding small amounts to let her eat till her heart’s content. She must be really hungry now, having not eaten her usual large meals for two days.

What are you doing, Akira? Taking it out on the clothes??


I let both mother and daughter eat as much as they want. When I checked last, both bowls were polished clean without a trace of remnants!

This was 10.35am, so it’s been 3 hours after and I’ve just checked, there are no loose stools anywhere!

Yay! Happy days are here again…..







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