Indra eats every 1-2 hours now!

Wow, Indra is certainly catching up for the two lost days! And there I was worried about her losing weight…

But she’s only eating her new-found tasty junk food – kibble!!

At 2.25pm, Indy came to the screen door to ask for food. Indy and Cow Mau get to eat whenever they please. They are, after all, of Super Senior status. They get to “eat all you want, whenever and wherever you want”.

So I gave Indy a bowl of his renal kibble and along came Akira to wrestle away the entire bowl, as usual. But Samantha and Indra also came at the sound of the kibble. So I quickly went to get more bowls.

Indra had already walked off by the time I brought in more bowls. I had to bring in three bowls with two hands. But I managed to get her to eat outside the room. And she ate!

At least Indy gets to eat too.

When everyone had finished, Indra was still eating and she finally had everyone’s leftovers.

Aww…grooming time with mom.

Kai wasn’t too interested but finally came to eat too. Well, Kai only eats a full proper meal once in two days. That’s her style.

Then at 4pm, Indra asked for food again.

She can really eat, can’t she?

Then, of course she was too full when it was the proper dinner time…

Surprisingly, Kai and Akira could still eat their raw food.

“No raw food for me, thanks,” says Indra.

You’ve decided to be a junkie today, eh?

I will slowly have to ease her back to raw food again. But kibble as snacks is still fine by me. After all, which child doesn’t like some junk food every now and then?

Also, the smell of the raw food may still be causing nausea in Indra.