Indra’s progress

Indra’s morning began with me giving her Promax. After that, I saw poop in her usual spot. Now, this is a time when I’m thankful she still pees and poops on the floor in Bunny’s Room because it is so easy to monitor!

The poop was totally wet followed by a short bit that was well-formed. To my mind, that’s an improvement (please see below).

The vet said yesterday and I am only to start Indra on the antibiotics, Metrogyl, with her condition persists. But since there is improvement, we shall still wait it out. Don’t want to overuse antibiotics. Goodness knows how we humans have overused it, contributing to the mutation into superbugs that defy all medications.

Indra ate a small amount of her raw food. She simply doesn’t like any other food, unlike her sisters who love junk. Her mom, too.

She is alert, active and quite normal in her demeanour.

Later in the morning, her sisters and mom asked for a post-breakfast snack of junk.

Indra didn’t come down to join them.

The poop comparison between yesterday evening’s and this morning’s:

I would think that’s an improvement, so we shall wait it out.

The vet is on her day off today, so it is a bit difficult for me to get her advice.