‘Nuff of junk, Indra, back to raw chicken, please

Indra was asking for food again.

This time I decided to try raw cut chicken meat. That should be qualify as “plain food” as it is only chicken meat and doesn’t contain anything else.

It’s about time she transitioned back to “proper food” and not stay on with kibble. I was also already very worried that eating too much, which she definitely did today (she ate 4 kibble meals spaced out throughout from mid-morning until late afternoon after a raw food breakfast). That’s too much food and it’s kibble, which isn’t a simple food. I’m afraid it would cause either vomiting or diarrhoea.

She ate!! That’s good. Hopefully we can stay on raw chicken and slowly ease back to Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s.

Two rounds!

I know, she’s still hungry. Poor thing.

Akira and Kai also wanted some and they got a bowl each as well.

Then, after the happy meal, as I was cleaning up, I found this puddle of poop in Indra’s spot in the room. Sigh…this is not unexpected, Indra, you have eaten way too much today.

A puddle with a formed tail. Not surprising, I know.

But at least there is no blood at all, and it is only twice today.

I let Indra rest a bit, then I gave her some Love Bugs probiotic powder mixed with some Ciao treat.

That’s it for the day, Indra. You’re going to fast and rest your stomach and digestive system for 12 hours until tomorrow.

I think she has eaten enough to last through the night.

Let’s hope tomorrow will be better.

Meanwhile, the vet still hasn’t answered whether Indra should go on Metrogyl or not. I didn’t want to start it because if I do, I would have to finish the course and if it isn’t needed, that would constitute a misuse of antibiotics. And antibiotics will kill all the healthy flora in the intestines too, making it harder to heal.

So, I will trust my gut feeling and let her heal as naturally as possible.

Love Bugs is a very pure pre+probiotic from Adored Beast.






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