Updates on Dora, Phantom and Tuff (from Imm’s Shelter)

Here are some updates sent by Judy on 6th November 2023:

Phantom’s neuter wound healing well. Can be discharged probably Thurs if stitches can be safely removed.

Unfortunately, Phantom is a cryptorchid with one undescended testicle. According to Judy, the vet only castrated the descended one as he could not feel the other one. So the other one is not done.

Tuff can’t receive chemo jab for his TVT yet coz left side of his head is pulsating, started on Sat. He’s getting med for the pulsation. Hope he can recover. He’s eating well.

Tuff was vaccinated upon admission on 31/10/23 so hope not distemper.
It’s been tough going for our Tuff kid. 😥

We hope they all feel better soon. 

AnimalCare is not needed to sponsor any of the treatment as Judy says they have enough funds for all of them.






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