Indra eats some raw chicken

Looks like today’s going to be all about Indra!

Cow Mau asked for food at 12.36pm and Indra looked hungry too.

So I carefully offered some raw cut-up chicken.

She ate! Akira and Samantha were also there and they had Cubgrub.

Cow Mau has his baby food (Cindy’s pureed canned food). Tomorrow is the appointment where Cow will get the Solensia painkiller injection (which is very pricey). But you cannot put a price on comfort and wellbeing, right? I hope the injection works. Nothing else works now. We’ve tried Tramadol and Meloxicam. Both don’t work anymore. Cow Mau is too old to have another dental and actually, all his back teeth have already been pulled out too. But FIV+ cats do have to endure gum and mouth pain. It is not uncommon.

That is why Cow Mau can eat whenever he wants. He cannot eat too much at one go.

Indra finished her serving of raw chicken and I took a chance and placed some Cubgrub in the bowl.

So ate that up too! So all in, I’d say this lunch was a good meal for her!

Poop check – none!