Indra’s progress

There was no massive puddly poop this morning, which is good. There was only a tiny itty bitty spot of loose stools at Indra’s regular spot along the wall of the room. So tiny, it’s almost negligible!

But I did noticed well-formed soft stools at Indra’s right most far-end corner of the shared sandpit. There were a fair amount of stools and it was kibble-type stools (why I say “kibble-type” is that when a cat eats kibble, there is carbs and fiber so there will be a lot of stools, unlike when on raw food, there is very little stools and it’s always small and rather dry). I suspect this was Indra’s too but I cannot be 100% sure. I’m trying to check the CCTV camera but so far nothing has turned up. I fast-forwarded and did not see anyone going to that corner! I’m hopeless at checking CCTV playback and this camera pointing at the sandpit is the oldest camera, so it doesn’t exactly give very clear images. Sigh.

If it’s hers, then I would consider it good progress.

Indra only ate a small amount of raw cut-up chicken this morning on her own when she came out to the Safehouse.

When the rest had breakfast, she didn’t want any raw food or even kibble anymore. Mungkin dah muak from overeating kibble yesterday. But it was certainly such a joy seeing her eat, though!

I guess yesterday’s eating spree could be a consequence of the Mirtazapine and also of having not eaten on her own for almost two days.

Anyway, not eating too much is also good to help the intestines rest and recover. Moderation in all things, right? Except in doing good and caring – this one, we can do more and more!

The teeny weeny itty bitty poop.








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