Weighing the Blondies and more!

You might remember the days when the Blondies were just born and I had to handfeed them and how I would weigh them after every single meal? Well, those were the days!

Now, I will just weigh them once a month unless any weighing is warranted due to any required monitoring.

I wanted to know if Indra had lost any weight because of the poop problem, so I decided to wear all of them today. Well, Indra did not lose any weight…phew!

Here’s, from the oldest:

The eldest sister, Kak Long Kai tipped the scales at 3.8kg.

The second sister, Kak Ngah Akira, 3.75kg. Kalah sikit to Kai.

Youngest sister, Kak Su Indra, despite her poop issue, is at the top at 4.1kg, which coincidentally….

…is also Riley’s weight (about 4.1kg). Well, it’s actually 4.18kg.

Sigh…Riley doesn’t eat well. She wants to eat kibble all the time and she doesn’t eat much too. So, she actually lost a few grams from last month. But I think she’s fine. I have others’ more serious issues to worry about first. I’ll go mad if I had to bring five cats to the vet’s tomorrow.

Tabs has increased to 5.07kg! But Tabs too doesn’t eat much.

Cow Mau is maintaining his weight at about 4.5kg while Indy is also maintaining his at 5.0kg. All good.

Samantha? She’s an untouchable. In fact, based on what I see from the top view, Samantha is slightly obese.