Gerald – secured!

Gerald had been calling for breakfast for a bit too long by the time I finished writing that previous post, so I decided not to risk it by delaying it any longer. Otherwise, he might just give up and go look for food elsewhere.

So I quickly brought food out and oh no!! Gerald and Misty were no longer in the porch!!

No, no, no…..

Then I called for them and to my relief, Gerald came bounding back from the neighbour’s pillar, to happy to see me! As I him!!

Misty also came back from the same direction.

Both were hungry and Gerald ate a fair amount.

Then, I caught him gently and put him into the house. There was no struggle at all. The only thing is, Misty had walked off and I didn’t have time to let Misty see that I’d taken Gerald into the house.

From the house, I put him into Bunny’s Place.

A happy family reunion with Samantha and the Blondies!

Brave Indra even defended Gerald from Indy’s posturing. She stood in between them. So brave!

Look at how much lighter his flank is.

Husband joked that Misty is becoming more orange like Gerald while Gerald is becoming more “white” like Creamy. LOL! But jokes aside, I would feel so much better knowing that it’s nothing serious.


Indra was not particularly hungry this morning, but she still ate some kibble. Nobody wanted raw food this morning except Cow Mau. So the Blondies and Sam got kibble.

Gerald is, as expected, making a lot of noise. So I let him into the house to distract him.

But I cannot leave him unattended as he might spray urine.

Ginger and the Monsters had their breakfast as usual. All raw food.

The only sad thing is, Misty is outside alone now. But I am sure she can smell Gerald out and knows that he is inside the house. I kept telling her not to worry. Gerald will be back in the porch this afternoon.

Operasi 4 kucing will begin at about 10.45am today.