Indra check and Love Bugs to all

Dateline: 11th Nov 2023 at 2.45am.

I got up early today. This must mean I must be getting better from the after-effects of the dreadful Covid-19!

I went to check on Indra and she seemed fine.

There was no poop along the wall in her usual spots. Also, none in the sandpit or near the sandpit. In fact, no one had pooped at all.

So, poop-wise, all is well.

Here is Indra with mommy.

Indy was hungry, so he got some food. Super Senior privilege!

I offered some raw food to Indra too, but she did not want any. Samantha had some, though.

Then a bit later, I noticed Indra trying to vomit out some bile. This is the typical “vomit” that we see in cats. I tried to give her some Famotidine for the gas, but oh my, she fought me off with her claw – ouch! So looks like Indra doesn’t like being syringed into her mouth. I really must take some time to “train” these young ‘uns to get used to being syringed water into their mouths. Otherwise, it would be hard to handle them next time should they need medicine which has to be syringed.

Since the Famotidine failed miserably, I decided to give her some Love Bugs instead. This is the pre+probiotics I’ve been sharing; it’s from Adored Beast. I mix the powder with some Ciao Treat into a paste and I had no problems giving this to Indra. So she doesn’t mind being fed a paste that is rubbed onto her mouth. To each their own. Using the same way, I managed to feed this mix of Love Bugs and Ciao Treat to almost all our cats (Cow Mau and Indy, Tabs and Riley, Kai, Akira, Indra, Ginger, Rey, Robin and Lynx). That’s pretty good, right? Minnie came to sniff at my finger but decided she would not be fooled. Smurfy too. Samantha, I didn’t even dare to try. Maybe I’ll sneak it into their food later?

Tabs used to hate having any paste rubbed onto her mouth previously too, but she’s okay with this Love Bugs + Ciao mixed paste. Maybe she just hates Orozyme (still does!). I can, however, easily syringe feed her her Hyaflex liquid. She doesn’t mind this at all. So yes, it is to each their own.

This is Love Bugs from Adored Beast. The reviews are really good. The apothecary does extensive research on pre+probiotics too. I will never forget the advice of a senior holistic vet a long time ago. She said that if there were only one supplement that we want to give our pets, let that be a good probiotic.

I know the health benefits of a good probiotic as I’m taking one myself.

I might explore the other probiotics that Adored Beast offers (there is a whole range) and do a probiotic rotation for our cats. A rotation is always good.

Meanwhile, I also managed to trim the claws of Indra, Kai and Akira. Surprisingly, Akira did not resist as vehemently as Indra and Kai. Hmm…also another area needed for training.

With all the commotion of feeding everyone, I was really worried the noise would attract Gerald over. If he does, it might start mewing nonstop and well, it was about 3.30am at the time.

Uh-oh, I spoke too soon…

The noise did not escape Gerald. He came. He smelled. He mewed.

Misty came too. That goes without saying, of course. So, a round of mewing from both. And I hope it did not wake the neighbours.

Today is going to be a very long and challenging day.

We are going to take FOUR cats to the vet’s. Cow Mau, Indy and Rey for a revisit and Gerald, if I can contain him from breakfast until 11am, that is.

Cow Mau – to get his Solensia injection for pain.
Indy – to get his PCV checked. It was only 25% two weeks ago. But the clinic protocol only gives Darbepoetin when it dips below 20%.
Rey – to get if the lymph nodes swelling has subsided. I hope so.
Gerald – to check why his flank fur colour is lightening. His coat also shows he isn’t too healthy. Hopefully, a spot-on does the trick and there is no serious underlying causes.

Please wish me luck in bringing all four of them and hopefully there is good news for everyone!







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