Indy to the vet’s (PCV up but creatinine also up)

I’ve kept Indy for last, but it isn’t a case of keeping the very best for last.

The good news first: Indy’s weight is maintained at 5.0kg and his PCV is up, at 35% (from 25%)!

But the bad news is that his creatinine has also gone up to 431 from the previous 400 and his urea up to 30.3 from 24.9. Sigh. Somehow, nothing we do can bring these levels down any further anymore. So Indy remains at Stage 3 CKD. Initially, his creatinine rocketed to 573 in mid-September, but it now hovers at 400-431. Nothing seems to be able to bring it down.

His phosphate level is 1.9 but the vet prefers it to be at 1.6, so she is adding on Renal-P to Indy’s regimen of kidney supplements. Renal-P is a phosphorus-binder and it works complementary with Renal-N which Indy is already taking. Once Indy finishes both of them, he can then go for Renal-Combi which combines both as a complete kidney solution for kidney integrity.

There is also no need to continue Indy on the iron supplement as it would tax on his kidneys further to eliminate the iron.

The vet says to increase Indy’s daily subcut fluids to 250ml. Let’s hope this can bring down his creatinine and urea.

But Indy will always be Indy – our magical mystery!

He’s eating very well, he’s active, and his PCV is up, so there!

I dearly hope the increased subcut and Renal-P will bring down the kidney readings.

Meanwhile, I’m also asking Pet Wellbeing if Kidney Support Gold dosage can be increased since it is also a kidney supplement. I know Astro’s NC-Scrub can be increased to double the dosage. I will do that.

This is an all-out war against CKD!!







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