The Kuchai Lama street dogs (updates from Khong Lai Teng)

Here are some updates from Ms Amy Khong Lai Teng, our latest new applicant. She and her friend, Raymond, are taking care of a colony of street dogs in the Kuchai Lama area and we have provided aid for the neutering and vaccination of 2 dogs, Dancer and Susu.

Initially, Ms Khong said there were no more dogs to claim, but now she says that was a miscommunication and there actually are more.

Below is an email from Ms Khong received early this morning. Unfortunately, her videos can be viewed but not published. I’ve cut out some photos and posted them here. We have replied to offer our neutering and vaccination aid to as many dogs as she and Raymond can catch.

Im so sorry to misunderstanding and not clear of the message of . the early email that requires video of the environment of strays dog in kuchai lama. Attach below is the replacement video of the kuchai lama stray dogs. The place the strays dog hang out is mostly around shoplot and flat area or open car park. Total strays dog that at kuchai lama is around 10-15 dogs. There’s are male and female and puppies as well and scared of human which is not really trust and unfriendly to human.

The attachment of vidoe “dog-susu-before-neutering.mp4″ is whereby susu before neutering and is the feeding time when Raymond was videoing susu. The video name “KuchaiLama_strays dog and kuchailama_feeding strays video is part of the kuchai lama strays dog wondering around the shoplots and also the feeding time at midnight.
The video After_Neutering is susu and dancer feeding time at midnight
Then the Video kuchailama_straysdogs_daytime is below the flat compound and this strays dog use to sleep and hide for rain
Thank You.

More information from Ms Khong:

I would like to share some of my personal things with Dr Chan. Previously im  staying in Bukit Jalil and i starts  to be independent feeder for more then 7 years and i feeds 
strays at Kuchai lama. But unfortunately I moved to Sungai buloh in 2018 and I do come back to Kuchai lama to feed my stray dogs. Even MCO, EMCO i do make an 
effort and risk myself to travel more than 40km to feed my stray dog in kuchai lama. I really can’t see them starving and I treat them like my own kids. I have committed 
to them and i dont have the heart to leave them starving. I always told myself my food to them is important as they only have 1 meal a day and i always worry them get caught
by council. So travelling 40 Km daily to see them is worth it.    Sometimes, when I need to work late or outstation, Raymond will help to feed strays at kuchai lama.
Previously i’ve been neuter strays dog my own pocket money but after MCO my income has been affected and i can’t afford and no extra money to  take in stray dog 
for neuters. And recently i get to know this program from a friend about this program and i apply thru Dr Chan last month.
I feed  stray dogs with my own savings and feed stray dogs till midnight. 



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