The Monsters’ crossing

The Monsters have not been allowed to come over to Bunny’s Place for a few days now and this morning, they were waiting at Stargate with so much hope in their faces.

I had to let them come over, at least to eat grass.

Everyone came over except the most cautious one, Minnie.

But then again…

…Indy also went over to the catio.

I left them there until much later when I heard a war cry.

Uh-oh…time to send everyone back before anyone gets hurt. I absolutely cannot risk having to take another cat to the vet’s for an injury today. I have enough on my hands already!

So I quickly went to check and found that Indy was in the big cage, growling. Most of the Monsters had already scuttled back to the catio. Kai was also in the catio, on a very high platform.

I carried Indy back, amidst his protest. Then, used a stick to gently shoo Kai off so that she would come down step by step and she finally went back to Bunny’s Place.

I did not bother with a headcount, though. But I should have.

A few minutes later, I heard growling again. So I quickly went to check and found Robin holed up under the wooden bench, still stuck in Bunny’s Place, hounded by Indy. He was so scared he didn’t dare most a muscle.

I carried him back and after that, he vomited bile. Poor guy.

Indy still packs a punch, doesn’t he?

Right now, Gerald has already been making a racket in our porch. I’m simply putting on a thick skin this morning and delaying everyone’s breakfast (sorry, everyone!) so that I don’t have to confine Gerald for too many hours inside the house. I’m going to feed the Porch Cats last. But not too late too, Gerald might just give up and go away. Oh no….