Cotton Balls of Fur

Hi everyone! Joy here.  It has been awhile since I shared my stories as the last few months have been extremely challenging for me and time is truly, a scarce resource.

I am excited to share a lovely story of the community cats that I care for and this is the story of the Cotton Balls of Fur!

Since I moved to my present place, it has been the venue for the community / stray cats daily buffet, which includes wet food in the morning if they are early, and free flow clean water and kibbles for the rest who come later.  Those that become friendly have all been neutered / spayed and their kittens adopted, if I can find a suitable home for them.  Most have gone missing, and I hope, adopted as they are all friendly, clean, flea-free and dewormed regularly.

About 3 months ago, a medium haired Siamese alpha male came by and terrorised the rest of my strays when he comes for food.  We had to make sure he goes on his way after getting his fill, so that the rest who vanished at the sight of him could come back for their breakfast.  He was feral and we could not catch him to get him neutered.

About 2 weeks after his grand appearance, he brought a companion / wife, a female Siamese cat to eat at our place.  She was friendly but extremely skinny.  She bridged the relationship between us and her husband.  Seeing us being nice to his wife, he got friendly too.   A month ago, he got neutered and thankfully, he is very affectionate to us now.  Most importantly, he does not terrorise the others anymore.

Fast forward to a month or so ago.  I noticed the female getting ‘fatter’.   She has a bad habit of pooing everywhere so I decided to cage her to train her to use the litter.  I suspected she may be pregnant as well so I had to KIV her spaying till I am sure she is not pregnant.

On Thursday, 9th Nov 2023, she gave birth.  First we thought she only had 2 babies.  Then the next morning, we counted 4 or 5 (we could not see clearly and did not want to disturb the mama)  and at night, as I cleaned her maternity ward to put fresh wee wee pads, there were 6 cotton balls of fur!!!

They will be a week old tomorrow. I cannot wait till they open their eyes.  Their cage is a bit small and I need to get them a larger cage once they start moving about.

They will find homes, some friends have inquired, and I am truly thankful knowing they will be part of loving families.

I have not named the mama and papa… any suggestions?