How wolf packs are organised

This video about how the wolf packs organise themselves is both touching and illuminating. It shows sacrifice, caring, compassion, wisdom and intelligence. Something we humans can certainly learn from!

The wolf pack is divided into five sections. The first echelon consists of the oldest and sickest wolves. The walk first so that they do not fall behind and should they be attacked, they are willing to sacrifice themselves. The second echelon consists of the young and strong wolves. They are the protectors of the first echelon and the third. The third echelon are the women and children of the pack. They are the most vulnerable but they are protected by the second echelon and the fourth. The fourth echelon are again the young and strong protectors. Right at the end is the LONE wolf. He is the wolf king and the leader of the pack. He walks last to protect everyone else.

Wolves, dogs, big cats, our domestic cats, in fact, all animals, are organised and disciplined in what they do and how they do things. There is a reason for what they do and it is not tainted by human traits like greed, hatred, jealousy, selfishness and stupidity. It is never “every man for himself” – that is a typical human selfish trait.

We humans claim we are descended from the homo sapiens (named by ourselves), which means “the wise man”. Perhaps we did, perhaps our ancestors were wise, but we have certainly evolved into homo stultus now!

Homo stultus, by the way, means “the stupid man”. At the rate we are destroying the earth and nature, we are indeed, homo stultus!