Akira eats mop strings

Akira comes out to the Safehouse to play very often.

She also knows the protocol, whenever Indy eats his renal kibble at the door, she has to come out. Otherwise, she will steal Indy’s food. So whenever I feed Indy at the door (on demand), she already knows the protocol – she has to come out to play and she would gladly do it. To play, after all, is her priority in life.

Yesterday, our part-time cleaner came and had mopped the house. I guess a few mop strings got stuck at the legs of the furniture.

And luckily I saw the culprit happily trying to swallow two mop strings!!

There was Akira, under a chair, and so happily and gleefully in the process of swallowing a really long mop string. I immediately caught her and pulled out the string and my goodness…it was a VERY long string. And there was even a shorter one that came out as well.

So, two strings!

What a silly crazy cat she is!

What’s her obsession with eating strings?

You might remember that in early September, Akira passed out faeces with strings stuck to it. Twice. I took her for an X-Ray and the vet almost wanted to operate on her to take out what appeared to be “string” stuck in her intestines (the medical term is “plication”). Luckily another vet checked the X-Rays and said it wasn’t plication but just the intestines doing peristalsis. But during the entire few days’ episode of me being worried sick, Akira was as happy as a lark. The fact that she managed to pass out the two long strings was quite miraculous. Those were strings from tshirt fabric and were smooth, so it was a little less worrying compared with thin thread that can slice the intestinal walls.

I would worry about mop strings as it’s rougher in texture. I would need to alert the part-time cleaner about removing these mop strings and check the entire house myself.

Our crazy little girl is as happy and active as a lark. I must say, she looks really pretty when she doesn’t have that shocked look in her big round eyes!!