Another Mission: Possible (getting all of the Blondies and Samantha to eat a meal!)

As you know, the Blondies and their mum aren’t eaters. They can easily skip a meal just to play.

They are not like the Monsters at all. The Monsters are a total joy to feed because they love to eat!

The Blondies prefer to play; and Samantha goes on intermittent fasting quite often. However, based on her physique, she is definitely obese (apple-shaped). She doesn’t eat much. Maybe she sleeps too much. Sedentary!

Akira eating this morning. To feed the Blondies, I have to chase after them with the food bowls. They don’t come to the pantry to eat unless on very special days when they do.

Samantha is eating too. We’ve noticed that Samantha and Akira’s calico colours are getting brighter.

Kai and Indra eating. Recently, Indra hasn’t been eating as much as she used to. Now, Kai eats more. Maybe she knows she has to catch up!

The three Blondies get pre+probiotics daily in the morning. Theirs is finger-fed with Ciao treats. Samantha is not willing to lick it by herself and there’s no way I can catch her to finger feed her. And I cannot put it into her food as she intermittent fasts too often.

Coming up next: Akira eats strings…again???