Cow Mau’s pain management updates

It’s been exactly 14 days since Cow Mau received the Solensia injection for pain management.

I thought I was imagining it, but right after the injection, I think his pain decreased significantly. There was definitely less pawing of the mouth. However, the vet told me it would take at least 2-4 weeks before we could see any results, so I thought maybe I was just being hopeful and hence, “saw results”.

But now I think I wasn’t imagining it.

Every cat responds differently to medication.

I think Cow Mau actually felt less pain right after the injection and sadly, the pain is returning now. For the past few days, he has been pawing a bit more than previously.

Anyway, the next injection is due in two weeks’ time so we shall see how it goes.

Meanwhile, Cow Mau still has very good appetite and he eats his raw food twice a day, as much as he can before the mouth pain makes him give it up. Then, throughout the day, whenever he is hungry, he knows he will get baby food (Cindy’s pureed food) whenever he asks for it at the door.

He gets baby food as often as he wants.

However, surprisingly, Cow Mau can eat Greenies!

Well, who doesn’t like some junk food, right?