Mission: Possible (getting Minnie to eat probiotics)

It had been a Mission: Impossible earlier on. Minnie would not lick the probiotics (mixed with tasty Ciao treat) by herself and if I added it into her food, she would boycott the entire meal and starve.

So I didn’t pursue it for some time.

For the Ginger and the Monsters, it was fairly easy. Ginger, Rey, Robin and Lynx were most willingly to be finger-fed with the mixture of probiotics with Ciao. It was Smurfy who was reluctant and suspicious. So I let him be too.

After all, the probiotics is a supplement and there was no urgency to get them on it. I had time on my hands.

Every once in a while, I would be able to catch Smurfy and finger-feed him too. So he soon learnt to trust the taste.

Then, three days ago, I decided it was time to put the mixture into their food instead of finger-feeding them. Ahh…success!! I got Ginger (of course he’s not a problem at all) and all four Monsters to eat it with food!!!

And yesterday, I tried the Mission: Impossible. I placed a tiny bit into Minnie’s food and guess what?

She ate it without any hesitation!!!!!!

This morning, I added a wee bit more to her meal. The trick is to do gradual incrementation. Gradual being the operative word here.

The only time it will fail is when Minnie decides to do intermittent fasting and skips a meal. She has been doing less of this lately, maybe she’s hungry during this rainy season.

In any case, it’s Mission: Possible!!!

This leaves Samantha. That girl is very difficult because she’s not an eater. She can easily do without food. That would need a different plan which I haven’t thought of yet.

But let’s take the win with Minnie!!

On the top left, you see the mixture of probiotics with Ciao Treat. On the right is the mixture on top of the food in Ginger’s bowl. Well, Ginger eats more than this and I will top up as he finishes the portion.

Minnie doesn’t get a full portion of the mixture yet. It’s about one-third today which I consider a HUGE success!!

For some reason, Smurfy is scared of something today, so he’s eating in the big cage. I think Robin is intimidating him. No surprise there. The two are always at loggerheads.

Robin also decided he wants to eat away from the clan. So yes, I think Robin is intimidating Smurfy…again.

Here’s Minnie, Ginger, Rey and Lynx. Minnie did not show the slightest hesitation in eating her probiotic+Ciao-laced food. In fact, she even finished the first batch (laced!) and had two more helpings!

Yay! Mission: Possible…with a lot of patience and chilling!

Cats and dogs can definitely sense the anxiety in their humans, so the trick is to be as chill as possible.