The Blondies in the Safehouse

For those new to the blog, our house is divided into four cat zones.

The Porch is where Gerald and Misty live and Creamy visits for meals. Then there’s Ginger’s Catio which is the dwelling place of Ginger, Rey, Lynx, Robin, Smurfy and Minnie (also known as Minnie and the Monsters (all her sons)); this is our entire patio. And there’s Bunny’s Place (forever named after Bunny) which is the home of Cow Mau (Bunny’s brother), Indy, Samantha and the Blondies (Kai, Akira and Indra); this is the back room, the pantry and the backyard, and finally, there’s Tabs’ Safehouse (or just The Safehouse for short), which is where Tabs and Riley stay and we humans also tumpang here. The Safehouse consists of everywhere in the house except the porch, catio and Bunny’s Place and it’s where we live too, upstairs and downstairs.

Now, the Blondies come out to the Safehouse every day to play. But they will still ask to go back to Bunny’s Place after they are done playing. They know Bunny’s Place is their home.

Here are the Blondies playing in the Safehouse today!

Can you see Kai? She is the one who loves playing with Jayden’s toys. She particularly loves the big soft toys and is often seen carrying the toys around the house.

Here’s Kai!



Tabs and Riley are asleep. Normally, Riley will be keeping an eye and following the Blondies around the house to ensure they are safe. She’s their big sister. We are not sure if she is their biological sister (from a different father), though. We will never know, but she definitely acts like a real “tai kar chea”!