The sneaky and speedy Blondies

I have a problem now. It’s the Blondies’ speed and sneakiness at getting out from Bunny’s Place wherever we open the doors.

There are two doors the Safehouse to Bunny’s Place. One is the door to Bunny’s Room and the other is the door from the kitchen to Bunny’s Garden.

Whenever I stand at any of the doors to take food out, the Blondies will be hiding nearby, all ready to make a dash out to the Safehouse – to play!

As you already know, they are not interested to eat and they don’t know what hunger is nor do they know the importance of eating. They only want to play.

Sometimes, it’s totally crazy. One Blondie would dash out, then when I manage to catch her and put her back, a second Blondie would dash out when I open the door to put the first Blondie back. And this cycle repeats until it becomes total madness. Sometimes, I end up doing five rounds and the end result is: All three Blondies have dashed out!

So I try to trick them now. I will bring all the food to one door, make sure all of them are hiding and waiting to dash out. Then I very quickly dash to the other door and make a quick entrance before anyone knows I’ve gone there. It works, occasionally, if I am fast enough. I can trick them…haha.

But today, it was madness. I lost.

After several cycles of madness, all three Blondies were out to play in the Safehouse. I gave up and delayed their breakfast. It was a losing game and it would be insanity to continue playing and losing to them.

It was much later that I managed to get Akira back to eat.

Samantha doesn’t dash out, thank goodness. Otherwise, it would be near impossible to get her back.

Kai and Indra were still upstairs playing, supervised by Riley.

So it was after an hour or more than they finally came downstairs to the kitchen.

Hmm….hungry, eh?

Kai ate Cubgrub, but not Indra.

From being a 100% raw diet cat, Indra has become a junkie ever since she tasted Greenies. So I gave her Greenies and some kibble. Oh well, it’s better she eats a little food, whatever the food may be, than she goes on an empty stomach for so many hours. I don’t want them getting gastrointestinal issues.

Sharing her snack with Kai.

I placed some Primal Freeze-Dried into the bowl and she ate it up too. Somehow, all our cats prefer to eat dry Primal, which isn’t the way it’s supposed to be eaten. It’s supposed to be rehydrated with water, but they do prefer to eat it dry, like a snack.

Well, at least everyone has eaten breakfast today.

Dinner will be another story and adventure!

Life is never boring when you have cats and dogs! And you get another bonus too – free physical exercise in running after them and good brain exercise in figuring how to outsmart them, or lose while doing so!