Was Tabs unwell for awhile?

I thought I would have had to take Tabs to the vet’s this morning when she skipped breakfast.

It’s not like Tabs to skip breakfast. She never skips it. Riley skips it all the time and so do the Blondies, quite often, but not Tabs.

So I was sure Tabs wasn’t feeling too well this morning but I didn’t know why.

I offered her favourite foods, ie. Cindy’s baby food (pureed canned food) and Primal Freeze-Dried but she rejected both. Uh-oh…this is bad. She LOVES both of these very much and would even ask for the baby food. Rejecting them clearly means something is not right with her.

I gave her some pre+probiotics with Ciao treat (by force) and Vetri DMG. I actually don’t know if Vetri DMG works, as some vets think it doesn’t, but it’s been our practice since Bobby’s days where the moment we suspect something is wrong, we will give Vetri DMG as an immune booster.

VetriScience® Laboratories’ Vetri DMG™ is a formula to support immune system health and function in dogs and cats. An adaptogen that helps the body cope with various forms of stress, DMG supports performance by enhancing circulation and efficient oxygen utilization. Through its ability to lower lactic acid build-up, DMG is known to support stamina. It supports the production of intracellular glutathione and SAMe, and supplies methyl groups for the building and normal detoxification processes of many bodily constituents (like neurotransmitters, hormones, vitamins, etc.). DMG helps to strengthen the immune response when the body is confronted by foreign antigens and microorganisms. Clinical studies show that DMG supports lymphocyte and antibody production. DMG has been used in both the human and veterinary health worlds for over 30 years with no adverse or negative side effects. Vetri DMG™ is available in an easy to administer liquid.

It’s one of the longest-serving immune booster for pets, as far as I know, so I always have a bottle or two on standby all the time. Maybe it works as a placebo for us humans? So we feel better after having given them Vetri DMG and this positive feeling is transferred to them and they in turn feel better. Maybe that’s how it works, eh?

After all, I read from somewhere that healing is 80% placebo. It works for a lot of humans. Call it faith or belief, but it works! The wonders of the human mind! So the sugar pill works if you believe it does!

I was thinking of giving Tabs Famotidine as well, but she was stressed enough, so I didn’t want to stress her out more. Tabs hates having any paste rubbed onto her mouth. But she doesn’t mind capsules. I can pill her, but she really doesn’t like liquids pumped into her mouth with a syringe or paste rubbed on.

Different strokes, different cat-folks.

After about 1.5 hours, I offered her some canned food and she ate! I gave her Cindy’s Tuna with Sea Bream. She ate!!

Phew…I guess we didn’t have to go to the vet’s, after all.

Later, she ate some Greenies, chicken canned food and some renal kibble.

So, probably no raw food for today. Just canned food. Something different.