Urgent help needed to look after a rescued kitten, Tortoise, in Subang Jaya (Julia Chong’s) – updated

An update: Tortoise passed away at the vet’s at 1.02pm today. May she be in a peaceful state.

The original post:

One of our friends, Julia Chong, rescued a kitten today and at the point of rescue, the kitten was wet and could not move her back legs. Her gums were white too.

Julia has taken the kitten to the vet now and the vet says there is hope as the legs can still feel deep pain during the test. Currently, the vet is warming up the kitten and preparing her for an X-Ray, and the kitten will stay at the vet’s until this evening. Julia will cover these vet bills, but she cannot take in the kitten as she is leaving for overseas soon.

If you are able to help look after the kitten until early April 2024, please contact Julia Chong on <removed>.

Julia has named her Tortoise.

Photos of Tortoise taken while waiting for the vet’s consultation: