Akira’s upset tummy

Today was Akira’s turn.

A few days ago, it was Indra, but she recovered fast.

This morning, I found vomitus (digested food) in the garden. I didn’t know whose it was initially until I started feeding everyone and realised that Akira wasn’t interested at all in eating and also did not look too well.

So, the vomit most probably came from Akira.

With Akira, I also worry in case she ate a cockroach or some insect or worse, she swallowed any thread or strings. Some time last week, I caught her eating two pieces of mop strings and luckily I managed to pull both out. Just two days ago, when I saw sewing and had my needle box open, Kai came over and took over a few pieces of thread in her mouth. Again, luckily I caught her and retrieved the thread.

Now, I am very, very careful when sewing and I ensure every bit of cut thread is collected immediately and thrown away.

The Blondies like to eat strings…sigh.

I look for mop strings as well, especially those entangled under the table or chair legs.

So, Akira had no appetite this morning. She didn’t even try to steal Indy’s kibble so this means she really has no appetite at all. Poor thing. Here’s when I wish she would steal Indy’s food.

She rejected everything that I tried – Coco&Joe’s, Cubgrub, kibble, canned food and even Greenies.

Wow…rejecting Greenies is huge.

And she went up to the highest platform and stayed there.

When she finally came down, after some coaxing, I managed to give her Famotidine and Vetri DMG. Earlier on, I had already given her the daily pre+probiotics along with everyone else.

After about 1.5 hours, I offered some food again. No, she did not want any.

By now, I was already running out of food options.

Staying with mummy.

A bit later, I tried Primal Freeze-Dried, the last item on my food repertoire. Uh-oh, she also did not want any. Now, I’ve really run out of food options, so I decided to just give her kibble with Greenies. Maybe it will work now?

Thankfully, it did! So while Samantha and Indra were eating the Primal, Akira went for the kibble with Greenies.

Chomp, chomp, chomp…

Great that she’s eating now. Hopefully we don’t have to go to the vet’s and hopefully it isn’t anything serious like eating a cockroach or worse, eating strings!

Normally, if any of our cats have a vomiting issue, it normally resolves by itself after a few hours without any supplements. But for the Blondies, they probably need some help.

I think she should be okay now.

Don’t eat strings, Akira!