Cow Mau to vet’s for 2nd Solensia injection

Today was Cow Mau’s second Solensia injection. So far, after the first injection, I noticed only very, very little improvement in the pawing. But we have to give it some time to work, so we continued with the second injection today. Solensia works to block the pain pathways. It doesn’t tax on the kidneys or liver.

The next injection will be in 4-5 weeks, depending on the effect which I shall have to observe for the next few week.

Cow Mau’s weight is 4.44kg today. Maintained.

As always, Cow Mau’s coat is always very oily and dusty, so the vet prescribed a foam shampoo, Atop 7 Mousse, to be used twice a week.

Other than this, Cow Mau is reasonably “okay”. The heart sounds the same, so that’s good enough.

This is the foam shampoo. There was good sun today, so I used it immediately after we got home.

Very nice to use!

The vet says not to bathe him as it might stress him out (I don’t bathe our cats, anyway), so the foam shampoo is the next best option.

She explained that since he is so dusty. The dust might get into the mouth and irritate his gums. So this is to help reduce the dust on his coat.

Next up, Indra.