Indra, Indy and Cow Mau’s appointment today

I’ll be taking Indra, Indy and Cow Mau for their vet’s visit today.


Indra was nebulised this morning, after giving her the flu medicines. But she was very stressed in the carrier throughout the process. She was alright yesterday but definitely threw a big fuss today. Anyway, I’ll be taking her to the vet along with Indy and Cow Mau later today for a check-up to make sure there isn’t anything serious and that her lungs are clear. The sneezing has decreased since yesterday. But she is still sneezing.

Indra is active and very alert. But she did vomit digested food this morning, at 5.40am. Maybe it is because she ate too much yesterday. She wanted raw chicken meat and since her appetite was so good, I let her eat as much as she wanted. For cats with flu, it’s good that they can eat. Because once their sense of smell is impeded by the flu, they won’t be able to smell, and hence, they won’t eat. This did not happen with Indra, thankfully.

I let Indra spend more time in the Safehouse as it’s a much bigger area and hopefully, this decreases the chances of her flu spreading to other cats.

Indy has been very, very cooperative for the past few days, coming down from his top-of-the-world platform for his medication sessions and daily subcut. It certainly saves me the challenge of having to entice him to come down to earth.

What a good cat he is!

For an FIV+ cat with congestive heart failure, Cow Mau is doing “well enough”. Today should be his next Solensia (painkiller) injection.

Meanwhile, all three of them have fantastic appetite.