Indra to the vet’s (for sneezing)

Luckily I asked permission to bring Indra along to the vet’s today.

She has sneezed less since I started her on my home combo for flu (Cetirizine, Bromhexine, Nebulisation), but I still wanted her checked, especially her lungs.

Indra has a low-grade fever of 39.2 degrees, but this could be due to stress (and yes, she was SO stressed). But an ear-prick PBF blood test should not elevation of white blood cells. Her ears are a bit dirty, but again, there is no injection or bacteria in the ear dirt.

However, both her lymph nodes on both sides of the neck were swollen. A viral infection can cause this.

Indra was given a Metacam injection to reduce the inflammation to be followed by two more Meloxicam liquid for two days. There is also standby Curam liquid (anbiotic) to be started tomorrow if her condition worsens.

Other than this, her weight is 4.3kg (from 3.9kg two months ago) and the vet says this weight increment is too much! So she shouldn’t eat so much!

Nothing serious, luckily!

The vet says she doesn’t need Bromhexine. Just Cetirizine and the nebulisation will do.