Kai and Robin are sneezing now

Indra is in closer proximity to and spends more time with Riley, and yet, Kai started sneezing today.

And Robin started yesterday. Robin has no contact whatsoever with Indra at all.

So I think it’s not spread from Indra, but it’s probably in the air.

A cat-flu virus in the air.

I started Kai and Robin on Cetirizine, Bromhexine and Vetri DMG, but not with nebulisation yet. I also gave them L-Lysine. Hopefully this will help subdue the sneezing and does not escalate it.

Meanwhile, Indra is still on her medication plus the Curam liquid antibiotic which I decided to start her on yesterday and what a nightmare it has been trying to feed her the liquid meds. Today, she foamed at the mouth and it was impossible.

I think I might have to change the Curam liquid with Clavamox tablet. Or, as the vet advised, I can also stop the Curam liquid.

Will see how she is tomorrow.

Her sneezing is a little less now, so I don’t know if it is the Curam doing the job (maybe she had some secondary bacterial infection though not detected when we were at the vet’s) or maybe the Cetirizine-Bromhexine-Nebulisation combo is working.

It wasn’t easy feeding the Cetirizine-Bromhexine to Kai either because even though I put both half tablets into a capsule and plonked it in, then followed with a generous amount of Ciao treat which she happily licked away at and ate, and the Vetri DMG, she could still spit out the capsule after that! How did she keep the capsule in the mouth and spit it out later after eating all the Ciao treat?? I thought that once the tongue sticks out, it means it’s swallowed, but no, not true with Kai!

She spat out the capsule three times in all. I think (and hope!) I finally got it in.

No sneezing from Akira…yet.

None from Samantha too, thank goodness. If she starts sneezing, I don’t know what I can do to help her as she cannot even be touched.

No sneezing from Cow Mau and Indy too, luckily.

Over at the catio, Robin seems to be the only one sneezing so far, and he has absolutely no contact with Indra at all.

I hope it doesn’t spread to the rest of them.

Tabs and Riley are fine too and Indra has been spending more time in the Safehouse with them than back at Bunny’s Place.