An important tip on powdered probiotics

If you are using a powdered probiotic, please remember that it still contains freeze-dried live probiotic strains. These probiotic strains are activated when in contact with moisture, which is usually saliva or digestive juices (when it is consumed). So, if your pets’ powdered probiotic has hardened, it means it has already been in contact with moisture and therefore, likely to have already been “activated”. So the hardened clumps may have lost some efficacy.

In short, discard the probiotic that has clumped up or hardened.

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In our hot and humid Malaysian weather, this applies:


Moisture can cause the powder formula to clump, harden and deactivate the strains. (dispose if this occurs)

  • Only use the spoon provided and avoid moisture from other wet spoons or scoops held with wet fingers.
  • Do not leave the lid off the container when sitting on the kitchen bench to avoid moisture that may cause the powder to harden in the jar.
  • Keep the screw lid tightened at all times.
  • Moisture will activate probiotics.  We don’t want the probiotics to be activated until they reach the mouth where moisture will activate them to become live bacteria in the body.


I also learnt the above from our vet!