Our Super Seniors and Seniors

Our Super Seniors are Cow Mau (17 years 7 months) and Indy (15 years 7 months) and our seniors are Ginger and Tabs (both estimated at 13 years old).

This is Indy after his subcut today. He’s such a good boy, really. Based on his kidney readings, Indy was already at Stage 4 of CKD in September 2023, then the readings improved a little, but now they are back at the Stage 4 readings again. I have done whatever I can, given whatever that is good and useful for his kidneys, but nothing seems to work in bringing down the readings. However, I am thankful that Indy’s wellbeing improved by leaps and bounds after I started him on subcut and the kidney supplements. I consulted a friend who also has CKD cats, and many more than me and she says in many of her CKD cats, past and present, she observed the same. She is into holistic supplements (the same supplements that I am giving) and the readings remain high, but her cats are clinically well and happy. I suppose that’s the same with Indy. As the vet said yesterday, “He’s a happy cat!”. I hope he remains happy for as long as possible.

Cow Mau has HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) or in general terms, congestive heart failure and the mouth pain (pawing when he eats). He has gone through two Solensia injections now, but they don’t seem to help much. Maybe just a little. However, the injections also help in his arthritis so that’s good.

Yesterday’s vet did give another suggestion and that is to take Cow Mau to the vet who has that deep dental X-Ray machine, get some X-Rays done (but has to be under sedation which I am not keen because of Cow Mau’s age) and see if in his previous three dental extractions, any fragments were left behind. Sometimes the roots of the teeth are fused to the bone and this complicates the extraction. After learning about this possibility, I did consider it, but I am still not keen at this point because of Cow Mau’s age. Maybe after Ginger has his done and I speak with the vet, we can consider it again.

But even with the mouth pain which happens when he eats, Cow Mau remains stoic and “tahan lasak”. He asks for food many times a day (“grazing”!) and as once they are seniors, I let them eat as much as they want. His weight has remained constant too.

Ginger has a kidney cyst (discovered in September 2022) and is slowly growing in size. Because of this, it is expected that he will eventually have kidney issues. In fact, he is now classified as having kidney issues because of that cyst, but based on his kidney readings, he does not need any treatment or intervention yet.

What Ginger needs is a dental scaling and possible extractions. He has bad teeth. However, in September 2022 when he had his last (and second) dental scaling and extraction, complications arose where Ginger regurgitated while sedated (despite the mandatory 8-hour fasting), so the procedure was cut short and only one tooth was extracted. I forgot to tell the vet this fact so I’ve texted him now. Will wait for his reply.

Ginger and his merry men! His band of brothers! He’s so attached to them and loves being the centre of everyone’s attention and admiration. Minnie adores Ginger too. I guess male ginger cats are “magnets”!

Tabs is confirmed to have early kidney disease now, based on her kidney readings. She’s on subcut for 4 days continuously, then it will be reduced to twice weekly. I believe she felt more comfortable after last night’s subcut and she asked for food three times!

Tabs has a galloping heart rhythm and needs to have a heart scan done. I already have an appointment for her with the veterinary cardiologist. It will be done this month.

When we age, there is no escape from sickness and “wear and tear” of the body. What we hope for is that we feel comfortable and happy. This is definitely what we want for our pets too!