Who is still sneezing?

Now, let’s see.

I heard Creamy sneeze once today during breakfast. But I’ve already laced the Porch Cats’ food with Vetri DMG.

I think Akira and Kai are also still sneezing a teeny weeny bit, but already getting better. Kai is much better than Akira now.

I have not heard Samantha sneeze this morning, so hopefully her street immunity has kicked in.

Akira and Samantha.

Kai is on top of the world with Indy.


Hopefully, nobody catches the sneeze-bug after this. I’m thankful nobody had any bad flu this round. Only Indra needed the antibiotics but on hindsight, I think that was an overkill on my part! She has finished the course now and I’m giving her back pre+probiotics to replenish the healthy flora in her gut.