RC Dental vs Greenies

In short, RC Dental is cheaper than Greenies and the pellets are much bigger so it forces the cat to chew. It’s the chewing effect that mimics the brushing effect.

Palatability-wise, our cats prefer Greenies, However, they are slowly acquiring the taste of RC Dental now.

But a word of caution, though, RC Dental should not be given to cats with kidney disease or heart disease. I just found out about the prohibition on heart patients yesterday from our vet. I’ve now written to Royal Canin to enquire if there are other prohibitions or cautionary precautions.

So to prevent Cow Mau from getting to any leftover RC Dental, I have to feed the RC Dental up on this counter in the pantry and not on the floor. Cow Mau cannot get up to the counter anymore nowadays.

Everyone is willing to eat RC Dental now. It just took some time to get the acquired taste. By the way, Her Royal Highness Queen Samantha has stopped sneezing. The only thing I could do for her is to sneak Vetri DMG into her food. I guess she has street immunity.

I’ve decided to use this instead of Greenies because Greenies is just way too expensive, even when purchased online. In one of my purchases where I bought 16 packets, four were found to be mouldy. Luckily the seller was willing to give a refund for the mouldy packs, one by one.

Cow Mau, you cannot eat RC Dental. But then again, you have no more back teeth also, so you cannot chew, but cats can still crush kibble with their gums.

Ginger and the Monsters devouring RC Dental. The Monsters love “anything” as long as it’s edible.