Tabs’ urinalysis

I managed to collect Tabs’ urine this morning at 5am and I kept the sample in the fridge.

When the vet’s opened at 9.30am, I asked if the urine is still viable for the urinalysis and they said yes, so I sent the urine to the clinic.

The results came back as expected.

The urine SG is low at 1.011, but the good thing is, there is no proteinuria and no infection.

With this result, Tabs’ CKD is at Stage 2 with hypertension (controlled with Amlodipine).

But Tabs also has CKD so it is actually Stage 2 CKD with PKD, which makes it complicated.

I checked with the vet again today and got a better understanding of the stemcell treatment for CKD. It is given to CKD patients (cats and dogs) at Stages 1 and 2 only. And most importantly, there must be no cancer.

If there is cancer, the stemcells will accelerate the cancer growth.

Our vet has no information or data on how the stemcell treatment will affect those with multiple kidney cysts like Tabs, so she is going to find out from the vet who initiated the stemcell treatment to see if he has any reliable data on such cases.

The danger is that we don’t know if Tabs is cancer-free. We cannot possibly check by doing a fine needle aspiration on each cyst for cancer (only one cyst was tested yesterday and there was no cancer in it). There are just too many of them.

That is the complication.

If not for the cysts, I would have definitely opted for the stemcell treatment for Tabs. Sigh…

But we will still wait for the information from the stemcell vet. There is still hope.

Keep shining, keep smiling, Tabs. Stay happy and comfortable!