My 2km park walk in the sunny afternoon with Gerald and Misty

Ever since September this year when Indy was suddenly diagnosed with Stage 3-4 CKD, Cow Mau with HCM and I started everyone on pre+probiotics (and later, fish oil) as a daily supplement, my mornings have been very, very time-consuming.

It takes at least 1.5 hours to give everyone their supplements and do all the feeding (including waiting for the fussy ones to decide which food they want) in the four zones (Porch, Safehouse, Catio and Bunny’s Place). Then, there’s all the cleaning of the litter boxes and sandpits, and refilling fresh water bowls and finally, there’s subcut to be done.

Now, Indy, Tabs, Ginger and Cow Mau all have special supplements every morning and evening too. So it takes even longer.

And on days when Jayden comes in the early morning, I have to make sure I finish all my morning cat-chores before he arrives.

Hence, since then, I have neglected my morning walks.

Now, my morning walks are very important for my health because it is only with the morning walks that I could manage my high LDL levels. I have a family history of high LDL on my mother’s side, sadly. But if I do my daily 2km morning walks, preferably in the sun, I have successfully raised my HDL to a healthy level and maintain a good Total Chol/HDL ratio (I checked with blood tests, so I’m not bluffing here, I have the numbers to prove it). Aerobic exercise can naturally convert LDL into HDL. One need not consume drugs for this purpose.

So, my walks are very important for my health and I had a wake-up call today – a kind reminder from my brilliant pharmacist.

Hence, I’ve decided now (wish me luck, please) that I MUST be disciplined enough to do that 2km daily walk. Never mind if it cannot be in the morning. It can be in the afternoon or evenings or even at night, if push comes to shove.

So, just now, instead of lazing in front of the TV, I went for an afternoon walk at 3.40pm…with Gerald and Misty!

The benefits of walking in the afternoons is that you get to hear the chirping of the birds in the trees. And it’s usually very quiet at the park, so you won’t bump into people…because there’s no one there at this hour!

Sunshine is very important, particularly for me, to build natural Vitamin D. I’m told that 20 minutes in the sun can stimulate our skin to generate 20,000IU of Vitamin D! No need to consume supplements for this. In Malaysia, we get free sunshine!

So, Gerald and Misty also end up walking, but they only do about 150m, then they rest and wait for me to finish another round, and again and again.

After 40 minutes and 2.1km, I go home.

Gerald also comes back from the park.

Misty too.

Gerald, my ever-loyal friend! That was good exercise for you too, right? Yes, exercise is important for animals too.

The walk felt good, and I have an extra ballet class tonight, so that’s more exercise for me!

One of the benefits of being fair-skinned is that we can produce more Vitamin D naturally when we expose our skin to sunshine. It is a fact.

Just like sunscreen, melanin can reduce a person’s ability to make vitamin D from sun exposure by up to 99%! This means that it takes a dark-skinned person 3-6 times longer to make the same amount of vitamin D from sun exposure as a person with lighter skin tones.

So, all your fair-skinned people out there, get out into the sun for free Vitamin D!! Expose your skin when you do that so that you get the sunshine.