Moringa powder for pets with cancer (a sharing)

Disclaimer: This is only a sharing and does not serve as any advice for anyone whose pets have cancer. It is only a sharing from a friend who has had experience with a cat and a dog with cancer. Please consult your veterinarian for professional advice for your pets. 

I was chatting with a very old friend today. She has 110 cats and 5 dogs and lives in Ipoh. If I’m not mistaken, she even bought another house just to keep all her cats and dogs.

We got talking about nutrition (which I shall write about on another day) since her pets seem to live until a very, very ripe old age and seldom get sick. There’s always something valuable to learn from other caregivers.

Then she mentioned that she had a cat with cancer on the face. Her vet recommended her to give the cat moringa powder and she did. The dosage was only 1g of powder per day and the tumour reduced in size.

Then she recommended the same to her neighbour who had a dog with cancer near the tail. The neighbour also fed the dog moringa powder and the tumour size has visibly reduced.

Of course the dosage depends on the weight of the pet.

I asked if she could share the brand of moringa powder that she used. Here it is:

She also says that another vet in Ipoh dispenses moringa powder capsules too. These are more expensive than buying the powder yourself from the pharmacy or supermarket and giving it to your pets.

I found this:

This article mentions the dosage for dogs: Small breed 3g and large breed 5g.

But I do know that moringa powder can lower blood pressure drastically, so please be aware of this.

Moringa also contains a high level of magnesium so it can boost the levels of happy hormones in our pets and ourselves. Magnesium is a very important element in nutrition and helps in many bodily functions, but the dosage is important if we are taking a supplement or giving one to our pets. Please do not self-medicate. Always consult a professional for advice.

It is always better to get it from magnesium-rich foods. Real foods.