Tabs and Indy’s subcut this morning

Tabs’ subcut is 200ml three times a week while Indy’s is 200ml daily.

So far, I just need a bit of help in holding Tabs as I poke the needle as she might run off. Otherwise, she’s fine. Such a good girl.

Indy was so, so good today too. He came to wait for his turn and he actually waited for the whole six minutes until Tabs’ finished hers. He didn’t go away at all, as though he knows it is his turn. Indy doesn’t mind subcut, actually. My husband says they know when they need something, or if something makes them feel better, they don’t run away from it. Perhaps he is right.

A few weeks ago, Indy would even cooperate during his supplement-feeding sessions by coming down from the highest platform so that I need not climb up the ladder to get him but now? Haha…no more. He stays up there and I have to climb up to get him. See last photo below. I can only hope this means he thinks he doesn’t need the supplements because he feels better?

But he needs the supplements in order to feel better!

Such a sweet little girl.

Indy’s turn. You’re such a good boy, Indy. Even our vet says so.

This is how I climb up to get Indy from the top platforms nowadays. I use this step-up stool. It IS risky but I do it very slowly and keep my balance.

But Indy is smart. He has figured out that if he moves to the centre of the highest platform (the long one), I cannot get him because there’s no firm ground to place the step-up stool to get him from the centre.

Smart, eh?

The stool is only useful if he stays to the far left. So I have to use a stick (with a blunt end) to coax him to get to the far left. Then I climb up and get him. It also isn’t easy prying him off the platform as he hangs on to the platform with his claws, and you know how strong cats are! So keeping my balance and not falling off the stool is very, very important and requires some balancing (taiji?) skills.

Tabs does run away from the supplement-feeding too. But eventually, she comes out from hiding. This is why my mornings are so busy!!