2 dogs for urgent adoption in Tanjung Malim (requested by Zaleha Ramli)

Updates on 29th Dec 2023: Great news!! A potential adopter has been found!! 

The original post:

Zaleha Ramli is helping her friend, Norsafarina Munir, to rehome these 2 dogs urgently. They would very much prefer a home, but failing that, a shelter is fine too.

If you are interested to adopt these dogs, Zaleha says she is able to arrange for transportation of the dogs to you if it is in the Klang Valley. Please contact her directly on 019-4107678.

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Below is the request from Zaleha:

Norsafarina (Ina) has been keeping these 2 stray dogs (Chubby & Tam) since they were babies. Now, these dogs have grown up & not suitable to live in a shed as per pic. The dogs are both slightly above 1 year old. Chubby is female and has been neutered. Tam is male and is not neutered yet. 

Moreover, she stays in a kampung which is occupied by people whose mentality are against the keeping of dogs as household pets.

The village head (tok ketua kampung) has given Ina until the end of this month to find new owners for Chubby & Tam. Failing which, he will lodge a complaint with the local council.

Do you know of any individuals or animal shelters willing to adopt Chubby & Tam?