Today’s homemade soupy food for our cats

This is my yet another attempt to get our cats to drink more water.

I call it “soupy food” because it has a high amount of water/soup in it. It’s water-rich food.

For our younger cats (Minnie’s family and Samantha’s family), they won’t drink pure broth, they need some meat in it. Hence, the soupy food.

Please note that this isn’t a balanced meal at all; it is only an attempt to add more water into their daily diet.

Our cats are on raw food as their staple diet.

Ingredients for today’s soupy food, slow-cooked overnight and blended:

Chicken breast meat – 1 big piece
Chicken liver – 1 piece
A small slice of carrot
A small slice of pumpkin
A small amount of cauliflower
Water – lots!
Two kampung eggs
Taurine powder
Vitamin E powder

I’ve checked the phosphorus content of carrot, pumpkin and cauliflower. A small amount is fine. The reason I’m adding some vegetables is for the fiber and also in nature, wildcats and big cats will first eat the stomach of their herbivorous prey where there is digested plant material.

I wanted to add wheatgrass powder too, but the phosphorus content is much higher than the other vegetables.

Phosphorus content per 100g
Cauliflower – 32mg
Carrot – 35mg
Pumpkin – 44mg
Wheatgrass – 410mg
Egg white – 111mg
Egg yolk – 586mg
Whole egg – 197mg
Chicken breast – 190mg
Chicken thigh – 150mg
Chicken liver – 297mg

But do take note that the above is for per 100g. Surely we are definitely NOT adding 100g of wheatgrass!! I think half a teaspoon may be okay, but I shall leave it out for today.

So here it is, folks!

Slow-cooked overnight and ready for blending this morning!

Lots of soup left!!

This is my Vitamin E and Taurine powder. Added in after blending.

Very soup, right?

Let’s try it out!!

Cow Mau ate a lot of it, the solids and liquids, both!

Indy licked a lot of the soup and left some solids behind.

Ginger and the Monsters ate the soupy food too!

Success with the Monsters this round!! Yay!!

Super duper Yay!!!

Still eating…

Tabs and the Blondies were still not interested but I still have tricks up my sleeve. Hehe…

I think Tabs will be a real challenge because she simply does not like to drink liquids. But I’m still going to try.

Shh….I left the food out in the catio and look…

Robin is licking it and I think he’s going to finish it!! Yay!!

Robin is a challenging one as he is a scaredy cat when it comes to fighting for food. He’s a bully, though, but not during meals.

No interest from Samantha, the Blondies, Tabs or Riley…yet.








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