The homemade soupy food adventure continues…

My target cats are: Tabs and Samantha and the Blondies. The rest already eat soupy food.

Also, I’ve decided not to mix my soupy food or the broth with their two main meals. I will give it separately as an afternoon snack (hopefully they are hungry enough to eat it). So, my greater ambition here is to do away with kibble being the snack (all the best of luck to me!) and replace it with soupy food. I know this is a bit hard because Indy and Tabs are on renal kibble. But we shall work around that…given time.

Tabs is eating the soupy food!! Initially she had totally refused to, but since yesterday, she has given in. The trick is, I mix it with some canned food whose taste she is familiar with. So, it’s soupy food with canned food and yes, she ate about half of it. That itself is a great achievement. I also added some plain water to it. Haha…

If you can add plain water to your cat’s food and they are willing to eat it, go right ahead. More water is the whole idea as a long term deterrent against chronic kidney disease. Cats do not have a natural thirst-drive, so we need to find creative ways to make them drink more water. I’m making soupy water-rich homemade food to get them to drink more broth.

Ginger and the Monsters (even Minnie) sapu habis their share!

Cow Mau left this bit only, which again, is a success!!

I’m getting there…..haha.