Cindy’s Recipe Signature (FEDIAF-compliant) as a treat for our cats

Cindy’s Recipe Signature is a FEDIAF-compliant made-in-Germany grainfree cat canned food. It is a complete food and is carrageenan-free as well.

While AAFCO is the American organisation that sets standards and guidelines for pet food, FEDIAF is the European one. Then, there is also the NRC. If you’d like a comparison among the three, you may read this:

But ultimately, they all work together with pet food companies, so I wouldn’t place too much importance in their standards. As I’ve written before, throw a cat a dead rodent and see which parts the cat chooses to eat – that might give us more insight than all the research conducted in labs.

In any case, I bought four flavours to let our cats try. But please take note that the base is salmon and salmon has natural salt, so you might not want to give it to your CKD cats.

I am only giving it to our younger cats. But I’ve already confirmed that it has no added sodium.

So, I bought Salmon w Chicken, Salmon w Duck, Salmon w Turkey and Salmon w Shrimp. All of them has a Calcium:Phosphorus ratio of more than 1 so that is good. There should be more calcium than phosphorus, even for us humans, the recommended ratio is preferably more than 1:1 or better still, 2:1.

It has 10 flavours and so it gives us plenty of protein rotation or at least a variety of proteins.

I use it for the afternoon snack where I add my homemade soupy water-rich food. So it’s more of a novelty and surprise element for our cats to get them interested and curious about a new taste. I won’t give it to them neat. I add my soupy food and make it watery.

Of course the Monsters sapu habis everything! They always do.

The other cats are bit fussy and suspicious of the heavy salmon taste. I don’t plan to use it daily, of course.