Feeding supplements to all our cats

In this post, you get to see ALL our cats!!

A dear friend was asking me how to feed capsules to pets, so I thought the best would be to take a video of me feeding the daily medicines to Indy, Cow Mau and Tabs. Some of their medicines are in powder form which I encapsulate, some remain in powder form which I mix with wet food and some are liquids, so you get to see “everything” today! This is what I do every morning, and another smaller round in the evening.

Disclaimer: This is only a sharing and may not be the best way to feed supplements to your pets. If your pet is willing to lick up laced food, by all means, please do that. That would be the best way. Or, seek advice from your veterinarian for this purpose.

Now, let’s get on with the show!

Please note that Indy is also on Azodyl and this is only a very small capsule, given before food. So that video isn’t here. I had to wake husband up to take these videos this morning as I started at 5am.

Here you go…

Indy has Amlodipine (1/8th tablet), Renal-P (powder), Renal-N (powder and 1 capsule), NC-Scrub (2 capsules), a probiotic powder and fish oil (liquid). But in all fairness, Indy is the easiest to feed. The powders are mixed with Hill’s KD wet food and mixed with the liquid fish oil too. For him, I will feed the wet food with the Amlodipine first to ensure that’s consumed. Then I alternate the capsules with the laced wet food. For each capsule, I coat it a bit with some wet food so that it isn’t dry pilling. I prefer to wet-pill so that the swallowing is easier (with food). I’m told that once the tongue sticks out, it means the pet has swallowed whatever you put before it (unless they are adept enough to trick you by keeping the pill in the mouth and still stick the tongue out). You can also syringe a bit of water at the end of it, but I don’t need to do this with Indy. I know he has swallowed everything.

Cow has Amlodipine (1/8th tablet), NC-Scrub, a probiotic (today it’s Maximum Pro GI), fish oil (today is the Coatex capsule, sometimes I give Fera’s liquid capsule), all of which is mixed with wet food. Then, he has the Hyaflex liquid in a syringe. As always, I will feed the mixture with the Amlodipine first, then the rest and I end with the syringe of Hyaflex to “clean up” his mouth.

Next it’s the Blondies with their probiotic (Adored Beast’s Healthy Gut (please see below)) and fish oil mixed with Ciao treat.




The challenge with the Blondies is actually to catch them. The rubbing of the mixture on their mouths is not difficult, except for Indra who will resist.

Caught Riley at the end. She’s quite easy to feed.

Tabs has gone into hiding.

Tabs was initially very, very difficult to feed but over time, it got easier. I guess she understands that it’s for her own good.

Tabs has Amlodipine, a probiotic (Healthy Gut for her today), NC-Scrub (capsule), Renal-N (1 capsule plus powder), Renal-P (powder), fish oil (Coatex capsule today), a syringe of Hyaflex and another syringe of Kidney Support Gold.

You might notice that the technique of feeding and holding each pet is different. Once you handle them, you just know what to do and how best to do it. It’s all on a trial-and-error basis until you get it right.

Like for the Blondies, initially I had to hold them down tightly, but now they are more obliging.

For the Monsters and Ginger, their probiotic and fish oil is mixed with a bit of wet food (today it is Hill’s KD). I change the wet food every now and then to give them the element of surprise and novelty. Else, they get fed up of it. Using this method, I even got Minnie to eat the laced food!!

For Ginger, he gets extra Coatex fish oil capsule, Kidney Support Gold and Hyaflex in syringes, but he’s so easy to feed, so there’s no video of this.

This is Adored Beast’s Healthy Gut. I alternate and rotate probiotics for our cats. So far, we have used Adored Beast’s Love Bugs, Fera Pet Organics’ Pre+Probiotics, Maximus Pro GI and now, Healthy Gut.

Just to share, ALL of Adored Beast’s probiotics has Love Bugs as its base. So I alternate Adored Beast’s products with another brand like Fera’s. This is to get the best of both worlds for the cats.

Getting ready to feed Gerald and Misty, and Creamy if he comes. I can just add the probiotics to their food. They eat everything up. It’s so good for them not to be choosy.

Oh, Creamy came this morning! But Misty is being antagonistic towards him (as usual). I split the probiotic powder into three shares so that Creamy gets some too. There’s enough to go around.

Everyone ate up their laced food!

So the only one I didn’t get to give supplements to today was:

Madame Samantha!

But trust me, I will find a way…

Patience, be near me still.







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