A pilot TNRM project in Kg Simee, Ipoh

A friend from Ipoh shared this: https://perak.sinchew.com.my/news/20231226/perak/5223726

There’s a translation too:

According to article above, to achieve zero strays YB Jenny Choi (under Canning constituency) and three NGOs (including M&M) are organizing this pilot TNRM project for Kg Simee. Owners of owned dogs, those who look after stray dogs and cats can apply for free neutering from 2/1/2024 to 29/2/2024 from YB Jenny’s ADUN office. Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm, lunch break from 1pm to 2pm.
Strictly for Kg Simee residents only.

Terms & conditions apply as the owner must sign the form and agree to insert microchips into their pets to reduce abandonment. This is a pioneer project which starts in Kg. Simee, hopefully, can expand to other areas in the future. we try to solve the stray from the root cause which is abandonment or free straying home pet, at the same time spay the strays around.

Applications must be accompanied with photostat IC n water & electricity bill.

If you cannot read Chinese, best to get someone who can to translate it for you. I’ve since contacted a friend from M&M’s in Ipoh and according to him, this is happening in Taiping too! For Kg Simee, there has been a lot of unneutered dogs in homes, so they are targeting these owners to get their pets neutered through this project.

Well, kudos to Kg Simee and Taiping for leading the way!!

But we do have one question: Will their local council stop the catching? The by-laws have not changed, so that’s too much to hope for. The only thing we can hope for is that through neutering, the street population decreases, hopefully this leads to less complaints and hence, less catching.

Still, I like the part which talks about the ROOT CAUSE, ie. abandonment or free straying home pets.  That, indeed, is the root cause of the stray population. This information must be disseminated to the public. Owners must realise that they cannot let their unneutered animals roam freely.

While we always say, from bitter past experience, that we should not wait for the government to take an interest, that we should do whatever we can, in whatever ways we can to help the animals through our own small-scale CNRM work, governmental support, commitment and ongoing action especially at the highest level is always appreciated and effective. The government is supposed to lead us, so please do your job!


Source: https://www.countrysidevets.com/post/top-9-reasons-to-spay-or-neuter-your-pet