Neutering aid for 2 cats in Kulim, Kedah (Norshahana bt Ahmad Shah’s) & Updates

This is a special provision given to Ms Norshahana to complete the neutering of seven adult cats in her clan. She got them all fixed over three days. The rest of her adult cats have all been neutered. There are six more unneutered kittens who are not old enough to go through the surgery yet (please scroll to the bottom for their photos).

An update: Ms Norshahana has informed us that two of these six kittens have been identified as ready to be spayed (both females) so she will be getting them spayed tomorrow.

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM140 for the neutering of these 2 male cats.

Please note that a different vet did the surgery today and the ear-notches are very, very tiny and somewhat rounded. But since these are males, we accept. We have advised Ms Norshahana to please request the vet to do a more noticeable ear-notch for her future cats. We requested close-up photos of the cats with their ear-notches (please see below).

Ms Norshahana understands the importance of a clearly-defined ear-notch because her friend caught a female cat, sent to the vet for spaying, but the vet discovered the poor cat had already been spayed. This why the ear-notch is so very important.

Updates of the previously-claimed cats are below. 

Previously-claimed cats: 

Six kittens who are too young to be neutered:







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