TNRM project in Taiping too!!

Wow, today’s a day of great news!

Under the initiative of Mutts & Mittens from Ipoh and with the support of the Taiping MP (yes, governmental support) is also launching a TNRM project in Taiping!! There is a RM10,000 allocation.

Here’s the news:

It’s all in Chinese again (why isn’t this published in other news channels, I wonder) and there is mention of coupons of RM50 for cats and RM100 for dogs.

Please do get someone to read it if you don’t read Chinese.

This is a rough translation from a friend:

There is a RM10,000 allocation. They aim to educate the general public that neutering is the way to control the number of strays. Taiping is now facing many issue created by strays. They also hope to create responsibility and awareness not to abandon pets.
The neutering aid will start in January 2024. Need to apply and upon approval, go to one of the 3 approved clinics.
Cats RM50, dogs RM100. 

This is the facebook page:

As always, we have one question: Will their local council stop catching neutered animals now? If the local government support neutering, then it only makes sense to stop catching neutered animals, doesn’t it? But the by-laws have not changed, so that’s too much to hope for. The only thing is that through neutering, the street population decreases, hopefully this leads to less complaints and hence, less catching.

From my conversation with Mutts & Mittens, and I’m not surprised at this too, the local council will still catch street animals if there are complaints. That’s not going to change unless the council by-laws chance. Very bleak chance of that happening, but it should not deter us from continuing to neuter street animals as this would keep the numbers down and hopefully, reduce the number of complaints.