Rescued abandoned dog for adoption (Tong Yut Fun’s)

I know it’s New Year’s eve and everyone ought to be celebrating the New Year hopefully with positive feelings and energy, but our work gones on regardless.

This is JoTong’s rescue story and I have her permission to write about it.

We are seeking your help to please help to forward this link so that we can help this poor dog find a loving forever home. She is for adoption.

Please contact JoTong at or on +60 12-383 1393 if you are able to help in any way.

The dog has been rescued and sent for boarding at a vet’s clinic by JoTong’s friend. At least she is safe now and not being tied to a pole anymore.

JoTong says:

Yesterday and today busy settling this female dog 😵‍💫….. after posted in FB, the neighbours of the cruel owner dared to call me and scold me for posted in FB. I asked him to meet up at police station 😡

While the dog doesn’t look skinny, JoTong’s friend says the dog is very smelly and has very long claws (take a look below). JoTong’s friend trimmed her claws before sending to the vet’s for boarding.

Poor, poor doggie. We can only wonder what happened to all her puppies because the dog is still milking. This is what happens when owners do not neuter their pets.

With the CCTV footage as evidence, a report can be made to DVS for abandonment which is an offence under AWA2015 and this can be followed by a police report as well.  

We are deeply saddened that the poor dog has been abandoned.

To the person who abandoned the poor dog: Please, if you cannot commit to looking after your pet or you cannot look after her anymore for whatever reason, please find her a new home and not abandon her in this cruel and heartless manner.

Let’s us all help this dog find a new loving home. Please contact JoTong if you can help. Thank you so much and have a good and meaningful New Year.



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  1. Peggy Vong

    Charge the owner under the Animal Welfare Act 2015 enforced on 1/7/2017 for abandoning the dog. 20k to 100k

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