Tracking down two of my books

Dear Friends,
I am writing this to seek your kind assistance in locating two books for me.
As some of you might know, there was a time in the past where I had written eight books for free distribution and more than 70,000 free books had been distributed far and wide.
At that time, I had given all the books away and had not thought of keeping a set each to be passed down to my (now) grandsons as a family heirloom.
Today, that wish became a reality so we took the afternoon off to visit various centres where I knew might have the books. We managed to track down two copies of each book except the following:
A Kite in the Wind (secular version)
See you at Rainbow Bridge
The difference between A Kite in the Wind (secular version) and Buddhist version is the chapters. I have attached the Contents Page and if you have the book, please check that Chapter 4 is The Golden Rule (the Buddhist version has a different Chapter 4). I only need the secular version.
If you do have these books and do not mind parting with them, please send me a personal message and I will gladly pay for the shipping charges.
Do please help me spread the word. I hope I will be able to find two copies of each of these books so that I can pass them down to my grandsons, Ryan and Jayden, as a family heirloom.
Thank you so much.






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